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Online Casinos in Michigan Enjoy Year-to-Year Revenue Increase

Michigan became one of the first US states to legalize and launch casino and sports betting sites for its residents. That happened on January 22, 2021, and a year later, we are ready to draw conclusions. At the time of this article’s writing, Michigan hosts 14 online casinos and sportsbooks, representing the state’s commercial (3) and tribal (11) land-based operators. They generated annual revenue of about $1.4 billion for the opening 12 months. Although sports betting had only around $292 million of the total, expectations were met in the middle of the year. The first quarter of 2022 shows at least an 8% year-to-year increase!

Opening Year in Numbers

Michigan performed more than well in its first operational year on the online gambling market, finishing third in annual revenue and paid taxes, only after New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Online casinos took the lion’s share generating $1.1 billion out of $1.4 billion in total revenue, although sports bettors in the state wagered more than $3.7 billion. Here is a list of online casinos in Michigan! This first year brought almost $210 million in taxes to the Great Lakes State. And that is just the beginning, according to experts. Online sports betting usually gains speed more slowly, but its potential to the budget is comparable to online casinos.

Moreover, the reputation of world-renowned iGaming providers like Gaming Realms easily convinces players to register online and play. Bookmakers, on the other hand, are less well known, although behind them are operators with solid experience in the state. Internet sportsbooks are responsible for taxes and fees of slightly above $7 million for 2021. At the same time, mobile gambling and sports wagering hold the bulk of the total revenue. In conclusion, the best-performed online brand is BetMGM, an affiliate of Detroit’s land-based MGM Grand. It registered total annual revenue of $417 million.

Revenue Increases in 2022

As expected, the first few months of 2022 followed the trend from the last quarter of the previous year. Online sports betting increased its share by 11.7%! The three commercial and 11 tribal operators reported above $155 million of total gross receipts for January. In February, the amount slightly dropped but was increased to over $162 million in March. Operators paid about $20.5 million to the Michigan budget in the form of taxes and payments for municipal services only in January. The online gaming share was $19.1 million, while sports betting climbed up to $1.4 million

For the second month of 2022, operators declared around $145 million in gross receipts, which was a record compared to 2021. Indeed, there was a 6.8% drop from the January result but a massive 62.9% increase in a year-to-year comparison. The online casino gaming figure was $122 million, 53.8% higher than in February 2021, and online sports betting – $22.5 million, up by 136.7% from $9.5 million. For March, figures continue their uprising movement in a year-to-year comparison but again give way on a monthly basis. The total gross receipts exceed $133 million, which is a drop of about 8%.

How Regulations Work Out for Michigan

The land-based gambling in Michigan has been legal for many years, but the lack of control over internet gaming and sports betting was problematic for both licensed operators and punters. However, after the Act from 2019, the Michigan Gaming Control Board reports fewer cases of abuse every year. This is why more conservative states are considering changes to their policies in order to create a safer environment for players. A good example is the situation with Iowa online gambling.

The market regulations work in many ways! They helped the state and licensed operators to control the money flows and return part of them to the community. Numbers show a huge increase in the revenues of the casino and sportsbook operators for 2021 and the first three months of 2022. This is not a coincidence, and hardly anyone will believe that people have started betting because the state allowed them to do so. The truth is that this money has flowed through unregulated offshore platforms in the past.


Finally, we would like to say that the 2019 Act is currently having a positive impact on the gambling business and the state of Michigan. Besides revenue and taxes, both sides can use the chance to implement innovations in their related departments. Creating jobs is very important for the community and may minimize or even convert the negative reactions of some residents. Huge iGaming vendors and software suppliers like PariPlay enter the state, which is always good for the local economy. We can’t wait to see the numbers in the second 2022 quarter!

Who Is Jim Mcingvale?

We do believe that many people from the USA, at the moment when sports betting is becoming legal in more and more states, it is about time to gain certain lessons. Learning from others’ successes and failures is the best way to improve your knowledge. Because of that, the gambling journey of Jim Mcingvale is something all our readers should hear.

For starters, Jim Mcingvale is a furniture shop owner. That is the main reason why his nickname is Mattress Mack. However, the reason why he has become popular across the country is not his business. He is one of the biggest sports betting enthusiasts in the world!

So, Why Is He So Special?

For starters, we need to move back to the Super Bowl LV. Last year, the owner of the furniture shop invested 3.46 million dollars! He placed a wager on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win (the odds were +3.5). Fortunately for him, Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks in the world, managed to, together with his team, win the Super Bowl finals. Believe it or not, that victory brought 2.75 million dollars of profit to Jim McIngvale.

However, for those that do not know, sports betting is not legal in Texas. Because of that, Jim had to get a flight to Colorado to place a bet. It seems that the investment he made for that trip paid off in the end.

But, His Sports Gambling Career Isn’t That Successful

To make things clear, Jim is not a perfect example of a professional gambler. Before his biggest win, he lost a lot of money. Many people would say now – you will win millions only if you invest a lot. However, that’s not quite correct. You truly need to be a professional and get the ability to predict the outcome of certain games.

One of the biggest failures he had during his gambling career costed him 2 million dollars. Last year, he placed a wager against the Chiefs in Kansas City. He did that two times (in the first two games) and lost 2 million dollars in total.

Another loss he had appeared during Super Bowl LIV. 2 years ago, he invested 1 million dollars on the San Francisco 49ers. The odds were +120 over the Chiefs. Unfortunately, just like in the previous example, he lost everything.

Baseball Was His Biggest Passion and Failure

After reading the previous part, you will probably say “this guy is crazy”. But, believe it or not, the millions we mentioned are not the biggest financial loss that this sports gambling fanatic has. His biggest passion was actually baseball. He is a big fan of the Houston Astros (he lives in Houston).

So, what exactly happened in the 2019 World Series? He invested 14 million dollars on the Astros. We have to repeat once again – 14 MILLION DOLLARS. Yet, in one of his interviews, he had a silly statement. He confirmed that he failed to earn money, but he also said he does not regret it at all. The Houston Astros brought him money only 2 years before that when he managed to earn 1 million from betting.

He Also Loves to Bet on Politicians

Election Day 2017 was probably one of the craziest for Jim McIngvale. However, then, he had a special offer. The owner offered refunds on a wide range of mattresses he sells. Each refund was around 2 thousand dollars and everyone who picked the winning political party would get it. Unfortunately for him, the victory of Donald Trump cost him nearly 10 million dollars.

So, How to Be Good at Online Sports Gambling?

Well, every success or failure story in the gambling world can serve as a lesson. Many people hesitate to start their sports betting journey as they do not want to lose money. If you gamble the same way Jim did, then you will probably deal with that sort of income.

However, after reading some of the most exciting moments of his gambling journey, we can make certain conclusions. There are a couple of ways you can improve your sports betting skills. Let’s find them out together!

Pick the Sport You LOVE

footballAs you saw, Jim was a big fan of baseball. However, he placed a wager on different sports many times during his career. That can be a wrong move as you can’t be an expert in every type of sport. Instead of that, find the sport that you actively follow. After you do that, follow the leagues you will regularly analyze. It is okay to have up to 5 of them. Everything above that will expose you to higher risks.

Organize Your Budget Properly

The first part of the text probably convinces you to invest more money so you could become rich. However, the second part of the story is there to remind you that the sports gambling world is full of uncertainty.

As a beginner, you should not deposit a lot of money into your sports betting account. Instead of that, use all the bonuses you get and reduce the costs you will have that way. After you spend them, do not invest a lot!

Your duty will be to organize your budget properly. Don’t dream millions as they will not come immediately after you start your betting journey. Know in every moment how much you can afford to spend without neglecting all the costs that you have.

Choose the Best Sportsbooks

You have to understand that not all sportsbooks (as well as online casinos) are going to give you the same service. At first glance, they may look identical, but the tiniest details are those that make the major differences.

Before you deposit money to a particular online sportsbook, you should explore all the options that you have. Compare the bonuses, odds for the leagues that you follow, customer support, and payment options. These features will tell you which casinos meet your requirements and expectations the most.

Properly Analyze Each Game and Develop Strategies

Jim is not the type of person that will explore games too much. However, we are pretty sure he was analyzing the games enough to make his own conclusions. Without any doubt, he made a lot of mistakes as his analyses were not quite accurate. He probably didn’t put into consideration all the factors that could influence the outcome of the matches.

Because of that, you need to properly analyze games and develop strategies. However, it is worth mentioning that you also need to have plan B. The sports betting and gambling world are full of uncertainty. You need to make flexible strategies that will easily allow you to adapt to the newest changes.

What Is Going On with Mobile Betting in Lousiana?

Without any doubt, mobile gambling and betting are some of the most popular activities in all parts of the world. The gambling laws are different from state to state, but the desire people have to enjoy this activity has never been stronger. While certain states still do not want to change the gambling laws, others like Louisiana are working on its improvement. Gamblers that live there should be happy as there are signs that online sports betting will launch soon!

The precise date of the moment when things will drastically change is not determined. Ronnie johns, the Chair of the Gaming Control Board, was also unclear. He said that the authorities WILL start to deliver licenses to particular casinos, but when will something like that happen is unknown. But, according to different rumors, the final date is going to be the beginning of November.

Sportsbooks Are Slowly Pre-Launching Their Apps

The average gamblers usually do not get precise information about certain gambling changes. However, sportsbooks that work in Lousiana probably have more information that they do not want to release. Generally speaking, two of them are already pre-launching the apps where people will manage to gamble. Those two companies are Caesars Sportsbook Louisiana and FanDuel Lousiana. Let’s see what’s happening with both of them!

FanDuel Louisiana Is Ready

FanDuel Louisiana already allowed players to register to their app. However, the sports betting option is still not available. Something worth mentioning is that you, as a new user, can get 100 dollars for free. When gambling via their app becomes available, you will manage to spend them. The list of rewards and promotions does not stop there. If you want to claim them all, there are three things that you have to do.

For starters, you need to sign up and verify your identity. Don’t worry, the data you share will be completely safe. The entire process will last for less than two minutes, and it does not require any technical knowledge. You will immediately get a $100 credit that you will manage to use when the sportsbook releases the offers. After that, you will get the chance to connect the payment method you use with your account. When you do that, you will get the risk-free first bet that can be up to $1000. The amount you will get depends on the deposit you make.

Caesars Pre-Launched their App As Well

As mentioned, the second sportsbook in Louisiana that pre-launched their app is Caesars. Get your smartphone and download the app released by this bookmaker. Logically, you will not manage to use it until the Gaming Control Board gives approval. However, you do have the right to create an account and deposit a certain amount of money.

Just like in the previous case, all the people that do that will get certain rewards and promotions. Caesars will provide you with $100 for free in case you register before the first day of sports betting. For the second reward, you will need to deposit at least $50 to your account. Whenever the local teams you select score a point during the launch week, you will get $1. If luck is on your side, you can get a decent amount of cash you can use for betting!

Are there any limits? Well, the only rule you will have to respect is to be older than 21. People younger than that can’t gamble as that is forbidden by the law.

FanDuel and Ceasers Are Not the Only Options

Gamblers in Louisiana are probably the most excited people in the world right now. The sports betting law that is recently developed already authorizes 41 betting sites. 20 land-based casinos that operate within the state got to chance to release two different betting apps. On the other hand, the state lottery will also have a sports betting platform. When you calculate everything, you will understand better why 41 betting sites are authorized.

Speaking of Caesars and FanDuel, they are the first ones that got the approval. It is not a secret they will be the biggest competitors in Louisiana’s online sports gambling market. But there are a few more of them that will offer similar or the same gambling opportunities. To name some, you will manage to enjoy betting apps like Barstool Sportsbook, BetMGM Louisiana (already released the app), WynnBet, PointsBet, and others.

Still, the state law gives clear instructions that everyone will have to respect. If you want to become the customer of these online bookmakers, you need to be located physically in one of the 55 parishes that voted for sports betting legalization. When you look closer, the biggest centers of the state massively voted “yes”. That means most of you will certainly have the right to become a member of some of the mentioned gambling sites.

But what happens with those people that live in parishes that voted “no”? Some of the exceptions are parishes like LaSalle, Sabine, Winn, Catahoula, and others. Generally, you will also have the right to sign up and deposit money. Besides that, you will also get the mentioned rewards and welcome bonuses. Unfortunately, there is a rule that you need to follow – you will have to be physically located in the parish that voted FOR online sports betting legalization. Some people claim this law is silly, but the rules are there, and we all have to respect them!

But Why Is Online Sports Betting So Attractive?

The referendum for online sports betting legalization was organized in November 2020. There is a good reason why most of the people were not against that law.

Online sports betting is an ideal thing for all people that are looking for flexible betting and gambling journey. Mobile betting allows people to place a wager from different locations. They can do that from their room, restaurant, or office. However, we once again need to remind you that you need to respect the law. Visit the parish that voted yes whenever you want to deposit money or place a bet. That way, you can be absolutely sure you are not breaking the law.

Despite the flexibility, people in Louisiana like sports betting because of the bonuses they can get. The free cash and other forms of bonuses will not be the same for all the sports bookmakers. However, they will certainly make the beginning of your gambling journey a lot easier. Read the instructions on how to claim the bonuses properly. The steps you will have to make should always be easy!

Pariplay Supplies Holland Casino’s New Gambling Site

Without any doubt, online gambling has become one of the most enjoyable activities in all parts of the world. Things are not different when we talk about the Netherlands. However, for a long time, the IGaming market in this country was not too regulated. Fortunately, since the beginning of October, people can easily enjoy a wide range of gambling games.

The improvement of gambling laws has also attracted a bunch of gambling companies that want to expand their business. That is the reason why one of the most successful iGaming companies, Pariplay Ltd has decided to supply different casinos with their games.

One of the changes that Dutch people can expect is associated with the Holland Casino. After long and tough negotiations, these two parties have managed to make a supply agreement. Pariplay decided to develop a network of 30 different game studios within the Netherlands and provide a bunch of live games in Holland Casino.

Pariplay Is Preparing for the New Market

Generally speaking, even if you are a worldwide successful company, it is not that easy to get a license in the Netherlands. Besides, that was the purpose of the regulations developed only a month ago, isn’t it? Anyway, they are currently assisting different Ignite studio partners (including SKilzz Gaming, Sppiffbet, and others). By doing that, they will manage to make all the games they develop certified, which will automatically allow them to legally work on the Dutch online gaming market.

In one of the interviews, Jeroen Verkoost, Holland Casino’s digital transformation director, confirmed that something like this will happen pretty soon. He is expecting fascinating changes in the online gambling world after the agreement was signed. Mister Verkoost is aware of the quality and reliability that Pariplay offers. Despite that, Holland Casino will finally manage to offer a bunch of online gambling games that will make the gambling experience of all individuals pleasant.

Speaking of the number of the games, it is confirmed that 20 games is something that Dutch players will get. There are no precise details of which games they can enjoy, but Verkroost also confirms that the progress won’t stop there. The number of gambling games people can enjoy will certainly grow!

But, The Path of Holland Casino Wasn’t Easy

We are pretty sure that many online gambling fans, as well as business owners of different gambling sites and land-based casinos, were happy after October 1, 2021. However, only 10 operators managed to get the license from the responsible authorities in the Netherlands. Fortunately for Holland Casino, the company was one of those 10 operators. They got the license to offer their gambling games online as their way of working was meeting all the iGaming laws.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, things were not easy at all for this land-based operator. The opening of their online casinos was delayed for a couple of days. Believe it or not, the reason why that happened was a bit silly. The launch was postponed due to a persistent technical malfunction. However, the issues were solved quickly, and Holland Casino offered live gambling for the first time on October 5, 2021.

The Holland Casino Isn’t Just Online

It is good to mention that a company like Holland Casino does not only operate in the online world. If you ever come to the Netherlands as a tourist, you will manage to enjoy 14 different land-based venues. They are located in all parts of the country, especially in the major towns such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Around 1 million people visit their venues during one year. There is probably a good reason for that, and we invite all the US gamblers to visit those casinos and figure out on their own why they are so popular.

The Expectations of the Company Are High

Have you ever heard about Tsachi Maimon? He is the Chief Executive Officer of Aspire Global. Pariplay is actually a subsidiary of Aspire Global, which is an important piece of information for all gamblers around the globe.

He shared in one of his interviews that the expectations of the company are extremely high. They were happy that the Dutch online market is finally a regulator and they expect it will become one of the biggest and richest in Europe. That only confirms there will probably be innovative options and offers in the future that will make the gambling journey of each individual much better.

Pariplay Has the American License as Well

Here we come to one of the most important information for the American gamblers. For starters, it is worth mentioning that Pariplay has multiple licenses provided by a bunch of gambling authorities across the world. The content provider for online casinos is regulated by Malta Gambling Authority, the UK gambling commission, Gibraltar gambling commission, etc.

However, one of the responsible gambling authorities has also provided the license to this company. We are talking here about New Jersey DGE.

Only a few months ago, Pariplay started to analyze the gambling market in a couple of states in the US, such as New York, California, and Florida. That is the reason why they struck a deal to deliver a portfolio to GAN. The sales director of this company, Andrew Maclean, said that company was ready to meet all the requirements and expectations that US gamblers had. That is the reason why they decided to deliver the exact same content to the USA and European players.

The development of the company in the European Union means a lot to the American players. Whenever certain innovation is applied in Europe, the American players can expect the same scenario to happen in their motherland. Does this seem amazing?

The Collaboration of PlaySugarHouse and Pariplay Was Announced

At the beginning of this year, people in the USA could enjoy the games of one of the most trusted content creators in the world. PlaySugarHouse customers got the opportunity to enjoy a bunch of different games that the company develops and designs. Just like in the Netherlands or any other European country, players in New Jersey will manage to enjoy the most innovative solutions. Their games are some sort of an addition to the more than 750 casino and live dealer games that PlaySugarHouse already provided to its customers.


Generally speaking, people around the world (not just in USA and Netherlands) should be happy. When you know that a content creator is reliable and professional, then the products you will use from time to time must provide entertainment and relaxation. From any possible location that has Wi-Fi, you can ensure yourself a lovely mobile gaming experience and potentially earn some money. That is probably the goal that all online gamblers have.

Online Gambling in Iowa

Countries around the globe are legalizing online gambling and sports betting. The reason why they are doing that is pretty simple to understand. For starters, a high level of demand comes from the local people. Online gambling is an entertaining activity that can potentially earn profit. Also, online gambling is one of the richest industries that can support the financial stability of the national economy.

Things were, are, and have always been confusing in the United States of America. Each state has different gambling laws. Because of that, tourists often get confused as they are not sure whether playing gambling games online is legal or not.

Well, this time, we are going to focus on Iowa. Iowa gambling laws appeared in 1983 for the first time. However, the law developed during that year only allowed certain forms of gambling. People could bet on dogs and horse racing only.

Things started to change during 1991. For the first time in Iowa history, the responsible authorities within the state approved the appearance of land-based gambling. Since then, things started to develop a lot, and people could find more and more casinos within the state. From 2011, the biggest fans of sports could also bet on different leagues and matches.

But, if you are a big fan of online sports betting, then you know something like that is hard to find in Iowa. More precisely, only a small number of Iowa online operators have gotten the license to legally operate within the state. However, guess what?! It seems that things are going to change in the future!

Iowa Is Expanding Online Gambling

Generally speaking, everything started to change in 2019. During that year, 18 commercial and tribal operators got the license from the responsible authorities that allows them to offer sports betting services. Despite that, there are dozens (or even hundreds) of online operators that could not afford to reach the same achievement.

For starters, it is worth mentioning that there are certain rules that all sports betting business owners need to meet. The first rule is probably the toughest one – the initial license will cost them 45 thousand dollars. However, the license costs do not end there. All the casino operators will need to reapply for the license every single year. Renewal of the license costs around 10 thousand dollars.

Despite that, one of the requirements is associated with the betting revenues. Everyone who manages to establish revenue will have to pay a fixed tax rate of 6.75%. It is a state rule and there are no excuses for that.

However, it seems that things are changing. Believe it or not, for the first time since online gambling exists within the state, the Iowa Gaming Association supports online gambling expansion.

This is not a rumor, as we would never share disinformation. Our source is the interview of the president of the organization Wes Ehercke. He said that online gambling expansion is going to happen sooner or later. However, he also suggests that there is no precise deadline for when something like that will happen. Most of the members of the Association support such an idea, but there are many things that the organization needs to work on before the law changes.

Logically, That Form of Expansion Will Affect Casinos and Sportsbooks

The taxes we talked about before are only relevant for sports betting operators that work online. However, they are also applicable for riverboat venues as well as land-based sportsbooks. But, in case the mentioned changes become a reality one day, the online gambling taxes will become way more regulated.

Because of that, the online gambling industry within the state will drastically change or improve. More regulated laws will ensure that the online gambling world experiences a big number of innovative solutions that will boost the gambling experience of each individual.

That change will positively affect the state’s economy that went through a tough period during the pandemic. With the existing laws (once that exist since 1991), Iowa has managed to earn more than 6 billion dollars from the gambling taxes.

Is There a Downside of the Expansion?

Unfortunately, the decline in revenue is expected in case the new law changes become a reality. The taxes will potentially become higher which will automatically reduce the income that brick-and-mortar venues have. But, this is only a prediction as no one precisely knows how the online gambling expansion will look. Despite that, the lawmakers are those that make the final decision, so we will let time pass to hear answers.

Bonus: Where is Online Gambling Legal in the USA?

As previously mentioned, people outside of the USA will probably consider gambling laws within the country strange. There is a set of rules determined a long time ago in one state, while in another one, the same rules do count at all.

Before we move to the states where online gambling is completely legal, it is worth mentioning that some regions are working on the legalization of this activity. Those states (discluding Iowa) are:

  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Illinois
  • Connecticut
  • California
  • Indiana

Whether things will change in these states is something we are about to see in further years. However, in some states, online gambling is fully legalized. There are five of them:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • Delaware
  • West Virginia

New Jersey

In 2013, New Jersey became the first state that legalized online gambling. That is probably the main reason why most gambling platforms are located in this state. The lawmakers of the state realized that revenue from the gambling taxes would support the state economy a lot. That’s exactly what appended as the state budget gathered millions of dollars in the last nine years.


The responsible authority that regulates the gambling market is the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Compared to New Jersey, there are no big differences – all the gambling games are allowed. However, it is worth mentioning that poker is extremely popular among residents of Pennsylvania.


Michigan is one of the “youngest” states in the gambling world. In 2019, the governor of the state signed the so-called Lawful Internet Gaming Act that made mobile sports and online spots completely legal. People can also enjoy fantasy sports betting. The responsible authority that provides licenses to the most responsible operators is Michigan Gaming Control Board.


Online gambling is completely legal within the state. However, there is a small exception – you can’t bet on sports online, while in-person betting is legal. However, there is a big chance something like that will change. The responsible authority is The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement.

West Virginia

The Act established in 2018 is the one that allowed companies that offer different gambling games to legally operate within the state. Today, the West Virginia Lottery is the regulator of the entire market and the responsible authority for licenses.

Legalization of Sports Betting in California

If you are a big lover of winter, then you are probably happy to see that November has started. However, if you live in California, then next November is going to be more interesting to you. For exactly one year, all your neighbors, friends, and family members will get the chance to choose. On election day, they will get the right to choose whether sports betting is going to be legalized within the state.

A year before the crucial moment starts is the best time to analyze what could happen in the future. From this perspective, it is hard to provide a clear answer. However, there are certain things that we know.

First of all, there will probably be three sports betting proposals on the California ballot. So far, only one is 100% going to be there, while others are still unsure. Yet, according to rumors and opinions of different gambling experts, the secured ballot is not going to be the only one. Sooner or later, we will get a clear answer.

So, What Is Necessary for the Legalization of Sports Betting?

Before we get to the main point, there is one thing that we have to explain to people. If sports betting gets approved by the voters, then all the residents of California will get the chance to enjoy mobile gambling as well. That automatically means that people in California will get a lot of sports betting opportunities in the future. It may sound like a joke, but every industry that starts to develop in this state reaches success. That is the reason why many experts predict California could be the biggest sports betting market in the world.

But getting ballot access is not easy at all. For starters, a million signatures will have to be gained. That means around 8% of the total number of voters (according to the previous elections) will have to give their signatures. The deadline for something like that is April 18, next year.

Experts Predict Three Different Options

So, what can exactly happen in the future? As mentioned, there is no clear answer, but there are three options that we would like to highlight here. All three of them can be interesting for sports gamblers and other gambling enthusiasts. Let’s analyze them one by one.

First Option: Retail Betting at Racetracks and Tribal Casinos

One of the ballots that are already determined is the legalization of retail sports betting. After signatures were collected, the request was sent by 18 different California tribes. Logically, this was an outstanding moment for all the sports betting lovers that finally want to enjoy betting from their mobile.

However, this law change does not mean anything to those people that love online sports betting. Despite that, it only defines the meager tax that is going to be beneficial for the state. It seems that the racetrack obligation is going to be 10%. The role of the tribes will only be connected with the regulatory costs and that’s it!

If this is the only option that appears on the election day, then nothing new is going to change in the sports gambling industry. At least, that is the comment that most gambling experts have.

Second option: Mobile Betting Will Be Added to the List

The next option that may appear is connected with the mobile operators. Many of them realized that tribal proposal is a good way to start with the legalization procedure. They will try to become partners with the tribes and ensure a legal and safe business operating that way. According to the different sources, the entire structure of the law will not be different from the Tribal proposal. Mobile betting tax across the state would be 10% in case this change turns into reality.

However, there is another initiative that is going to be interesting. If bettors across the state place the wager at some of the unlicensed betting platforms, they will have to pay 15% tax to all the winnings they have. That way, the number of frauds and scandals within this industry will probably be reduced a lot. No one would want to gamble at those casinos and online bookmakers that do not have state approval.

Third Option: All Sports Bettors Will Be Happy

Okay, the subtitle probably seems silly, but things would be much more regulated in case the third option turns into reality. Option number three suggests that all tribal casinos, card rooms, and racetracks will get the chance to operate online. Similar to the previous option, all the betting companies will become accessible on different mobile devices. However, their only task would be to sign a partnership with some of the existing betting platform providers that already operate online.

If this scenario happens, then there is a big chance the sports betting taxes will be around 15%. However, something more important is the regulations that will be developed by the responsible authorities. All the statutes, policies, and gambling rules will pre precisely determined. In that way, all the honest and legit companies will finally get the chance to work under normal conditions while all the players will be completely safe.

Voters Will Get the Necessary Education

Well, everyone has the right to share his opinion. It is actually pretty good that someone asks the residents of the state what they think about sports betting. However, keep in mind that many fake news and rumors are published online. Because of that, uninformed people may make bad decisions when Election Day comes.

Anthony Robers, the chairman of Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, believes that measures are bad. He believes that they will not be beneficial for the tribes at all. That is the reason why this institution is preparing a “set of lessons” that will educate all the voters. After getting the appropriate information, every individual will get the chance to make his own conclusions. Logically, the education they get will directly influence the results of the voting.

Final Thought

When you research the gambling and sports betting industry around the world, you can easily see it was beneficial for the national economy a lot. Despite that, it is worth mentioning that this form of gambling has changed the mentality and habits of people. Most people would rather stay at home and recharge their batteries with different gambling and betting options. That was an excellent alternative during the pandemic (the period when the gambling industry exploded).

Sports betting taxes will certainly support the economy of this state. However, that should not be the only reason why you should vote for the legalization of sports betting. Instead of that, we suggest you get proper information before making the final decision on Election Day.

Gaming Realms Starts to Work in Michigan

Fortunately for all the gamblers, the online gambling regulations and laws are becoming better and better. Getting a license is no longer an easy procedure. The responsible authorities within the state need to provide full approval to every gaming content developer that plans to work in the gambling industry.

Without any doubt, Michigan gambling laws are a bit specific and different. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to get a full Michigan license. Fortunately for all gambling lovers that live in that state, one iGaming content licensor and distributor has finally managed to get the approval. That company is Gaming Realms.

A couple of days ago, Gaming Realms got the full iGaming Supplier Licenses provided by the Michigan state. However, things were not as easy as they seem right now.

The First Try in January Was Unsuccessful

This was not the first time that Gaming Realms company has applied for the full license. The first try they had was in January 2021. However, things had gone in the wrong direction, and they couldn’t get the full license. Fortunately for them, things have changed a couple of days ago and they can finally work legally and with peace of mind in the territory of Michigan.

When you look closer, this is not the first state that provided this worldwide famous iGaming content distributor with a license. Until today, there are three states across the United States of America where real-money game enthusiasts can enjoy their content. They are

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan (since a few days ago)

However, it seems that the owners of this company do not plan to stop there. In the meantime, they have also applied to supply games in Ontario. So far, there is no precise response from the responsible authorities from that Canadian state. However, according to different rumors, the answer will probably be positive.

Michael Buckley Is Happy to See the Progress

For those that do not know, Gaming Realms is a British company that operates in Europe and North America. Michael Buckley is the executive chairman of the company. When the Michigan state provided the license to the company he works at, he shared his thoughts with the rest of the world.

In one of his interviews, he talks about how happy he is to see that his company is making progress in the North American region. He also suggests that the main goal of the company is to provide the same quality of services on both continents, North America and Europe. Thanks to the full approval of the iGaming Supplier License, the company will share its influence and business within the entire state. He also hopes the same thing will happen in Ontario, but we will wait a bit more to see whether something like that will happen soon.

Bonus: Requirements Companies Have to Meet to Get an Online Gambling License

After we analyzed some of the latest news in the gambling world of the USA, it is about time to move to education. As mentioned, getting any form of iGaming license is not easy at all. That especially counts when we talk about the USA where many scandals appeared in the past. Many people were a victim of a scam, so the responsible authorities within the state decided to develop strict regulations and allow people to enjoy their games to the fullest.

Reading this part of the article is good for both, gamblers and potential gambling entrepreneurs. The average player will understand why he is safe. On the other hand, entrepreneurs will know which requirements they have to meet to start a gambling business legally. Because of that, let’s find out how the entire procedure looks.

  1. Online Casinos Primarily Need to Make a Commercial Agreement with Land-Based Casinos For starters, it is essential that all gambling sites have a commercial agreement with a traditional casino that already operates within the country. All the land-based casinos that work in the USA have already gone through the strict licensing process. That means everything around their way of functioning is legit, honest, and transparent.
  2. However, that doesn’t mean the online casinos are not going to go through the same check. The agreement serves as an extra layer of protection that guarantees all the customers will remain safe.

    Another thing worth mentioning is the well-known skins that are allowed in all states of the USA. These skins actually allow all casinos to form different types of partnerships with a wide range of entities when offering slots. However, when we talk about sports betting, things are not exactly determined yet. There is a big chance something like that will happen pretty soon.

  3. Now, Businesses Have to Get the Online iGaming License
  4. Here comes the main part. Most states where sports betting and gambling are located will have identical requirements. It doesn’t matter if your business is from a particular state; your duty would be to have an intermediary or subsidiary to get the license. Logically, the third option is to start a company within the state which is also a very popular option.

    But, before you get the license, the main goal is actually to get a domestic entity. Qualifying for the entity is only possible if you go through 3 different vetting stages. We will try to describe them as simply as possible.

The first one is business entry disclosure. As you could guess, the task of the business owners is to share all the details about debts, audits, and holdings. Despite that, the legal status, as well as the financial stability of the company, are mandatory pieces of information they will have to share. Larger companies often need a bit more time to collect all this information in one place.

The second stage of vetting is named “personnel listing disclosure”. That means all the responsible individuals within the company such as directors and officers have to share personal data. For starters, they need to confirm they were not involved in any illegal activities by providing a clear criminal record. Despite that, it is essential that they share information about their living place, jobs they had in the past, and all sources of income. In the end, they will have to share the same details about their parents, kids, and spouses. If you plan to start a business, don’t worry; all the data you share will remain confidential!

The third stage is game testing. Entrepreneurs have to share more information about the games they will provide. The third-party lab will check out whether the games are using reliable software that ensures honest games. After they confirm the games are legit, they need to deposit 100 thousand dollars to get the license. The license in most states across the USA lasts for five years.

Final Thought

As you see, getting a license as a gambling content creator and distributor is not easy at all. Because of that, people that live in Michigan can be sure Gaming Realms is a reliable company that will make their free time more entertaining with the products they offer.

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